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very time-consuming and stressful

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Youth Allowance
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I received a letter from Centrelink stating that I was paid incorrectly, which led to a debt against my name.
I asked for a full breakdown of the debt so I could understand where the figures originated from. The detailed breakdown showed a couple of debts were accrued against my name in 2012.
As a full-time student with no job, I should have been eligible for Youth Allowance at the time, but for some reason Centrelink now decides I wasn't entitled to the payments?

I rang the compliance line to ask why this was, but the worker couldn't give me a straight answer.
At first she denied the debt, played dumb and diverted to another topic.
When I kept asking her specifically about the debt from 2012, she waffled on about some other topic that didn't make any sense to me at all.
Now I'm questioning the legitimacy of my debt letter. Was I really not entitled to these payments as a full-time student with no income or is this a fault on Centrelink's part?

Not only is this situation really confronting and confusing for me, it is also very time-consuming and stressful.
I work full time office hours and because the hotline only operates 9-5 local time, I have had to take time off work numerous times just to be able to sort this out. This is ridiculous. Centrelink, sort your shit out and stop demanding innocent people to recoup your debts.