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Join the #notmydebt conversation & lend a hand

In just a few short weeks (is that really all?) #notmydebt has kickstarted a conversation, not just a campaign. Building the website and social media presence happened in an organic way alongside people who were talking about and sharing their personal feelings about the automated debt scandal and the affect it was having on their lives. 

#notmydebt is just a group of people that care, and we have no political or organisational ties. Most of us are women, and most of us live in rural Australia and outside of Sydney or Melbourne. We want this robo-debt system stopped and we want the damage it is causing to stop. We believe that Centrelink is an vital institution, one that makes a fair-go in our society possible, and provides a safety net and support system to many going through tough times or seeking to better themselves. 

We want to ensure the conversation to continue and expand, and we need some more helpers. 

We'd be keen to talk to you if you have a love of social media, whether that's tweeting or sharing content, posting on Facebook, or responding to comments. 

If you are detail focussed and good at copywriting and keeping abreast of the latest news and discussions we'd also love to connect. 

If you've got experience putting together zines and fliers, let us know.

We use online tools well, but you don't need to have any web experience — most of us didn't and we learned through this process. It's a way to show people that have never added stuff to a website how easy and accessible it really is. 

If you have other passions or interest areas relating to #notmydebt please drop us a line, knowing who is out there helps as the conversations will evolve and change.

To get in touch message us through our twitter, or our facebook page, or email hi [at] notmydebt.com.au

And if not possible for you to make a time committment right now, we still need you to keep up the conversation on social media, to call and email MP's, to write letters to the editor and stir up discussions in the cafe.

This issue is too big to stop talking about it. 

Be heard.