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How can I get involved?

Have you received a Centrelink debt letter and want to fight back?

Know someone who has been affected? 

Not directly affected by a Centrelink debt letter, but want to help? 

Want to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves? 


It all adds up, and we can do this together.

Pick something that seems achievable right now, and do that.
You don't have to do everything, none of us do.

Here are some suggestions to help get you started.


Direct action

  • Share your Centrelink debt story.
  • If you see someone talking about their Centrelink debt, encourage them to share their story.
    Give them this link: http://notmydebt.com.au/share-your-centrelink-debt-story
  • Talk to people! This is actually really powerful. Talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to the cashier at the supermarket.
    A surprising number of people don't even know this is happening, or don't understand why it's a problem, get them on board!
  • Help the people around you.
    Do you know someone with a debt? Offering babysitting or help with other ordinary practical tasks will give them time to concentrate on preparing their case. Or they might appreciate someone to help organise their paperwork or look at it with fresh eyes. Make a specific offer, don't wait for them to ask!
  • Help in your community: volunteer, donate, or do whatever you can.
    As a place to start, check out our list of Legal Aid & Welfare Rights Orgs, or talk to your local food bank, advocacy group, or community centre.


Knowledge is power


Speak up


  • Write to your Federal MP and to the Minister.
    It doesn't need to be long, just polite;  make it count, make work for their office, make sure they can't just sent you a form letter.
  • Support the MPs and groups who are standing against this by writing a letter of support.
  • Write a letter to a newspaper, national or local. 
  • Continue to write, as this issue evolves. It gets easier!