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Unknown second debt? Are you kidding me?

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I am writing this on behalf of someone else who has been caught up in this awful government debt issue.

Late last year she found out she had outstanding debt by getting letters from a third party debt collection agency (no communication for the government first). She appealed this process (through the assistance of our local member of parliament, thanks!) as she did not feel it was valid.

When she was called by the government to tell her the outcome of the appeal, not only was she told that the debt needed to be repaid, but that there is also a SECOND debt to her name which had never been mentioned before. Not by the government and not by a third party debt collector.

Due to the appeal they are aware that she is going through extremely difficult mental and physical health issues at the moment and have not shown even the slightest amount of sympathy to her cause.

I would have loved to note how much the supposed outstanding debt is, but we don't even know that. How on earth are we supposed to appeal the debt when we don't even know how much it is or what it is for???

Has anyone else even found out about a second debt after an appeals process was already underway?

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

The governments response to this has been lazy and inconsiderate at best and downright negligent at worst.

Treating a citizen in such a way when you know they are going through serious mental and physical health issues should be a cause for national outrage!