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mother of 7, year in question just happens to be the financial year I lost both my parents

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Friday, 4 May 2018
Period debt occurred: 
June 2102
Payment Type: 
Parenting Payment
Appealing Debt?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I came home from psychiatric hospital after suicide attempt to the letter! My anxiety has yoyoed with every rediculous phonecall where all information has to be confirmed and explained ... arg!

As a mother of 7 who still has not returned full time to workforce after stress leave over 15yrs ago. The vicarious trauma as a govt employee has had me on this long journey!

The financial year in question just happens to be the financial year I lost both my parents.
I am SO relieved that I had a boring employment history. The one government position was at least certain to assist in clearing up the confusion? Thank goodness is wasn’t in a year where I temped!

So tracking the down information did actually prove difficult, as not only had the payroll system been updated, it was now handled by an entirely different company?
This was repeated at the insurer for my income contribution scheme up until the Voluntary Reduancy Package was offered by the Dept of _____.
At this time, the Department made a lump sum end of Dec. This included a:
1. grant of maternity leave as from July 2011-End date
2. Leave loading, recreational leave, sick leave etc..
3. Lump sum redundancy amount.
I have supplied bank statements AND payslips (showing no weekly income until Dec).
I have documentation from the income contribution scheme that although I was receiving payments from them, this was recovered when I paid them back. This has been supplied to Centrelink.

Even though I had no money from my employer until end of December, they are applying the successful grant of maternity leave back to beginning of financial year? This to me seems a win win to Centrelink?
Having no previous knowledge of the information they are choosing to hold me accountable for - to me is an argument too overwhelming for even the strongest spirits!
I think if I had not had experience with tax, I doubt I would have gotten over the instant nerves and dread churning my stomach that THE LETTER had delivered.

Online. Online!! I hate online, but such is this modern way ... So online I attempt to confirm my employment.
First question - I AM TOLD TO CALL.
I comply. They ‘apply’ my info - so I have debt.

I continue to recall my self medicated (alcohol) stained memory - really pushing how much even I thought I could remember? At least my confidence in the certainty that I am SO ‘square’?! I know I would have done what was my duty! The only thing I am uncertain is to my notification of reduancy. Mum died Dec 14 .. most of the next few months are ???? ...

So to be finally informed that I can’t dispute the ‘review’ unless I accept it - WHAT? After all the loops and hoops I flipped & flopped for them, they calculated anyway? What the?

Now after weeks of frustration and tears, I have the reassurance that I am not alone?! The relief!!
But my heart can’t stop beating?! And I could really do with a glass or 2 e’ry day I suffer this! But I am not letting them bully me! Goodness gracious.

PS. I appreciate the staff are just doing they’re job, but Centrelink have lost all the knowledgeable ones in the last few years of ‘restructuring’. Replacing with limited trained employees, working with a ‘computer system’ that is programmed to only comply to a customer's detriment. This is what I have felt anyway.
Although this is SERIOUSLY damaging nearly 3 months later ....

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

Greedy! The emphasis on the necessary ‘information’ they seek - irrespective as to whether I have behaved fraudulently?
Hey the assumption that they dictate MY legal duty was bullying and rude! For what?!
Initially many thousands, I have now argued th calculation down to just over $1000. To be cont ....