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Took dozens of calls and yelling to get it reviewed

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Period debt occurred: 
June 2016 to January 2019
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Family Tax Benefit
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes & I won
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

This was for several debts issued together for a combination of Newstart and FTB.

Took me dozens of phone calls and yelling to get the numbers reviewed and reassessed.

I kept asking to justify their claim: on what basis, what facts, what numbers and what logic they were claiming I had debts.

They were simply unable to explain or justify a single thing.

I went hard and aggressive, called and yelled them everyday otherwise I would have ended in trouble and involved with debt collectors just with their inaction.

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

Awful. Disgusting. Same Nazi thinking they applied to Manus island I guess. Made me disgusted of government.
I’m still angry they won the election. It’s total shit.
They have the power to screw you any way they like: they just make up some numbers, send a letter and you’re in trouble.

I lived in 4 different countries, never seen anything like that.