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They owed me money

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Tuesday, 13 December 2016
Period debt occurred: 
July 2013 to June 2014
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Youth Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes & I won
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I was doing year 12 and on youth allowance, finished school and had trouble finding work, wasn't until February that I found casual work (turned into full time and still there), the wages I earned from February to June 30th was then divided by 52, and I was told by robodebt I owed $2700. This was 2 weeks before Christmas. I would say it took over a month of sleepless nights and depression and 7 staff that kept telling me I was wrong, to prove they were wrong, thru payslips and bank statements, infact it turned out they owed me a few dollars but I wasn't given it.

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

They should be ashamed of themselves, my group certificate had starting date on it, could have easily been avoided.
I have to add, it is like they targeted people that would just pay it and not question, I would have if my mother hadn't been a woman of principal