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Here we go again!!

Debt amount: 
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

As a single parent, I have always been grateful for the assistance given me that was not forthcoming from my child's father.
I have always worked part time and diligently declared my earnings so such a scenario never arose!!

My son gained part time employment as soon as he was old enough and I encouraged the same diligence in his reporting.
To no avail - he was investigated by Centrelink MANY years later.

As his nominee I was able to fight the $900+ debt related to Youth Allowance that I believed to be $80 — rounding off and estimating hours to fit in with Centrelink's pay fortnight can do that. After numerous reviews we went from $900+ to $600+ to $300+ to $100!! We were happy to pay this amount as we had failed to be totally accurate — perhaps — but quite a different amount to that originally requested.
The number of hours invested in this process was not only ridiculous but incredibly frustrating and disempowering. I wonder how many people would have just paid it?

Then surprise, I received yet another Robodebt claiming I owed $2,600!

While waiting lengthy periods for their information to come to me I experienced a financial "pinch" only to discover much later, that not only were the documents I awaited not sent, but Centrelink had retrieved their money ($150 per fortnight — I'm now my mother's full time carer) without notifying me or worse; acknowledging the debt had been paid in full!!

Again, I have spent ridiculous hours in these dealings only to be shafted anyway.
I will appeal this and write to politicians, Centrelink and anyone else. Not finished yet!

While I'm becoming a head case, my son is investigated again!
Working in hospitality usually only on weekends, he used Centrelink's App for reporting which he was told, in one of his many visits to an Office to assist him with the complexities of accurate reporting, would apply his earnings and penalities appropriately.
Well, seems not, $851 owing in a 5 month period.
I still cannot understand why they are looking at mid January (when he started using the App may I add) to mid June in a single year — why do we have a financial year? Dates were actually a problem in our first experience and ultimately changed things.

We still have no outcome as promised documents do not arrive, unlike the demands.

So here we go again!

I am so burdened by these multiplied scenarios that action on my own appeal is waning while time drifts.
Not sure I have the witherall to keep on fighting a heartless, senseless computer run by a heartless and senseless department.

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

Absolutely obscene! I do feel for the operators on the front line who are often not well enough equipped with the correct information or processes who cop the brunt of our wrath!
Perhaps if we could sit down with an actual person in an actual office to wade our way through this debacle things might eventuate differently!