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Former Official Says Govt Would Have Known Centrelink Shitstorm Was Coming

4 January 2017
James Hennessy
pedestrian TV

As the Centrelink kerfuffle continues, criticism from the Opposition mounts and the Government continues to maintain that the system is functioning as expected, a former high-ranking department official has told The Guardian that management would have known the risks before they rolled out the automated debt recovery system.


The source told The Guardian that it's highly unlikely that this issue would not have been noted in a risk assessment, which would have crossed the Minister's desk.

“Knowing the process, a risk assessment would have been done,” they said. “The risks would have been discussed at very senior levels. The minister would have been briefed – if he wasn’t, it would be extremely rare.”

A HR representative at a large-sized firm spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV this week and confirmed that the incidences of employees attempting to locate payslips from up to five years ago has increased significantly, as people attempt to repudiate the claims made by the automated system.

This is probably going to get worse. The government wants to lift the six-year limit on retrievals, charge a 'recovery fee' – read: interest – on payments, and ban travel for those who they believe owe money.