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Episode 08 - Not My Debt

7 January 2017
Well May We Say

For the first (unexpectedly more bumper than ever) episode back after the holiday break, Jeremy is joined by Lyndsey Jackson of notmydebt.com.au to discuss this government's war on the poor, in particular its attack on anyone who's ever used Centrelink.

The LNP war on welfare recipients

5 January 2017
No Place For Sheep

Yesterday I watched, incredulous (I know, only a fool with no sense of the immediate past could continue to be startled by any action performed by this government) as Minister for Social Services Christian Porter claimed across the media that the Centrelink debt recovery process was working just fine, and the fact that a “few” citizens are being unfairly targeted was of no great consequence. If they’re upset, too bad, get over it, there’s nothing wrong with our process, was Porter’s basic message.

Here are some of the things that are wrong with the Centrelink process.

Centrelink's Shithouse Debt Recovery System Is *STILL* Fucking People Over

28 December 2016
Pedestrian Daily

Centrelink's joint data-matching program with the ATO has so far done a wonderful job, if the area it was designed to perform in was falsely accusing people of accruing massive debts some time in the last decade. Just in case that's not clear: it was not designed to do that (as far as we're aware), and is, in fact, horrible.

We have a social security problem, but not the one you think

23 December 2016

It’s inconceivable that the tax office would ever use such a flawed system to levy tax debts to corporations, so it’s hard to understand why it’s acceptable for Centrelink to do so. I agree with ACOSS that the system should be suspended until concerns are addressed.
Anyone alleged to have a Centrelink debt because of this new system (or indeed for any reason) should consider challenging that decision.

Match making Using data - matching to find people missing out on government assistance

1 April 2014
The Australia Institute

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* date released April 2012